Brahma Chickens

Brahma Chickens

Brahma Chicken

Brahma Chicken


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Although named after the Brahmaputra in India theBrahma Chickensare accepted as being created in the USA from the Shanghais where they were crossed with Malay types which put in the pea comb and brow. The Brahma Chickens were imported into New York in 1846 and stock first reached England in 1853 where they caused a great stir. Brahma Chickens were included in the first book of poultry standards issued in 1865. The name was shortened as Brahma in 1852 when a small flock was given to Queen Victoria. They were also refferred to as grey Chittagongs which possible meant the present dark Brahmas. An Asiatic breed of fowl, called Chittagongs, Gray Shanghais, and Brahma Pootras, later shortened to Brahma, thought to have been a cross of the Malay and Cochin in India. Imported from Shanghai, China, in the early 1840’s, they landed in New England much later. American poultry fanciers made over and refined the original parent stock into the large stately and useful Light and Dark Brahma varieties.

The Buff Brahmas are of more recent origin.


The head and skull are important breed characteristics. Texture of the feathers is also of great importance, for the plumage, should be smooth fitting and not loose-feathered and soft as in the Cochin.

A huge, very good natured and docile bird that can make super pets. A general purpose fowl for heavy meat production. The skin color is yellow and the egg shells are light to dark brown.

Breed Tips

The Brahma Chickens are not great egg layers although they brood. Very children friendly.




Heavy / Soft feather



Egg Color


Egg Numbers

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