Richard Billson
Alexandra Cottage, 8 St Thomas's Road, Great Glen, Leicestershire,
UK"; $aka = ""; $history = "Friesian Chickens are one of the oldest Dutch breeds kept as a layer. Developed in the Friesian area of Northern Holland. The large version of this breed often get mistsken for bantams. The bantam version is in fact the size of a Dutch. They are in at least thrirteen colours in Europe. Many old books mention that the Friesian chickens were brought over to England and used in the production of the Gold Hamburghs which were then used to produce the Pheasant Fowl."; $characteristics = ""; $breed_tips = ""; $purpose = "Egg layer"; $classification = "Light / Rare"; $origin = "Holland"; $egg_color = "White"; $egg_numbers = "160 per annum"; include "template_chicken_breeds.php"; ?>