Richard Billson
Alexandra Cottage, 8 St Thomas's Road, Great Glen, Leicestershire,
UK"; $aka = "Twentse"; $history = "The Kraienkoppe chicken is the German name/ Twentse is the Dutch for this breed originating in their shared border area in the 1920's. Kraienkoppe chickens were bred from Malay; local crosses and later Silver Duckwing Leghorn they can be stroppy and very showy birds. Silver and Gold were the original colours but Blue Red and Blue Silver Duckwing are available in Europe. Available large and bantam."; $characteristics = ""; $breed_tips = ""; $purpose = ""; $classification = "Light / Rare"; $origin = "Netherlands and Germany"; $egg_color = "White"; $egg_numbers = ""; include "template_chicken_breeds.php"; ?>