Broadmeadow Cottage, Alport, Bakewell, Derbys,
DE45 1LH
UK"; $aka = "Derbyshire Redcap"; $history = "The breed shares a common ancestry with other fowl such as the Hamburgh and the Old English Pheasant Fowl and many similar now lost Northern English breeds. Like many of the rarer breeds they have a reputation for flightiness but if kept in coops are reasonable layers with a solidly fleshed body. They were bred to accentuate their comb which in shows has a marking of 45% of the total marks. Redcaps originated in Derbyshire, England, probably from Hamburg crossed with other breeds. The very large rose-comb is the most striking characteristic of the breed."; $characteristics = "Broad backed with a solid broad breast close fitting wings of red brown with a beetle green webbing on the feather. Legs and feet lead coloured. Comb rose with a straight leader full, of fine spikes size about 8x7cm. Mainly large in the UK some miniatures around."; $breed_tips = "They are good producers of eggs and they are non-sitters."; $purpose = "Egg layer"; $classification = "Light / Soft feather / Rare"; $origin = ""; $egg_color = "White"; $egg_numbers = "200 per annum"; include "template_chicken_breeds.php"; ?>