Richard Billson
Alexandra Cottage, 8 St Thomas's Road, Great Glen, Leicestershire,
UK"; $aka = ""; $history = "Developed in Germany in 1900 by Oskar Vorwerk this is a medium size attractive bird that thrives quite happily on smaller rations than many other breeds of the same size. Imported into Briatin about twenty years ago when Mrs Wallis of Arundel wanted tro form a club for the breed . They are alert and active but not timid. They make an ideal utility and backyarders bird as they lay well and spare males weigh out at around 4lb. Bantams are recent imports and many are having fertility problems at the moment possibly due to a small gene pool."; $characteristics = ""; $breed_tips = ""; $purpose = "Dual"; $classification = "Light / Rare"; $origin = "Germany"; $egg_color = "Cream to tinted"; $egg_numbers = "170 per annum"; include "template_chicken_breeds.php"; ?>