· The Domestic Waterfowl Club of Great Britain
· The British Waterfowl Association"; $aka = ""; $history = "The first ducks were shown at the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1851. Their name is taken from Lake Cayuga in New York State. Lewis Wright talks of the original imports having been brownish black and many birds having a white irregular ring around the drakes neck. He states that the selective breeding initialy reduced the size which as he also puts the East Indies then as 4/5 pounds reinforces the idea of a common pedigree. By the 1890's the cayugas were measured at 19 pound per pair and resembling the Aylesbury in carriage. It carries the blood of the original wild black duck, the Black East Indies and probably some Rouen blood introduced for the purpose of larger size. The Cayuga should be bred to the meat type. "; $characteristics = "Kept as groups or alternatively trios . . . depending upon the drakes energy levels. They lay through the year normally starting in the spring and will brood their eggs if left to sit. The eggs are meant to be covered in a black / dark grey film which will wash off though many now lay white eggs."; $breed_tips = ""; $purpose = ""; $classification = ""; $origin = ""; $egg_color = ""; $egg_numbers = ""; include "template_duck_breeds.php"; ?>