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UK"; $aka = ""; $history = "The first records in the UK date back to the 1830's / 40's when early imports were presented to Queen Victoria and they were known as Shanghai's and of differing types. The game forms were used in the Malay and the large abundantly feathered ones were consolidated in the Cochin. The Chinese Shanghai fowl came to England and America in 1845. The name of this Asiatic breed was later changed to Cochin. The earliest Cochins were more or less buff in color. Its striking appearance, due to great size and profuse soft feathering, distinguished it from all other known breeds at the time. Cochins created a sensation in England, resulting in a great boom for the 'Cochin China', as it was called in the days of the 'Cochin craze'."; $characteristics = "Many varieties of Cochins have been recognized. They are Buff, Blue, White, Black and Partridge.

Both male and female are massive in appearance, with an extraordinary plumage and a great abundance of down in the under-fluff, producing a rather bulky appearance and conveying the idea of even greater weight than actually exists. Legs yellow by preference rather than straw."; $breed_tips = "Primarily bred for exhibition, the Cochin is capable of being a meat type fowl."; $purpose = "Dual"; $classification = "Heavy / Soft feather"; $origin = "Asia"; $egg_color = "Tinted"; $egg_numbers = "120 per annum"; include "template_chicken_breeds.php"; ?>