· The Domestic Waterfowl Club of Great Britain
· The British Waterfowl Association"; $aka = "Sarkidiornis melanotos"; $history = ""; $characteristics = "Adults have a white head freckled with dark spots, and a pure white neck and underparts. The upperparts are glossy blue black, with bluish and greenish iridescence especially on the lower arm feathers. The male is larger than the female, and has a large black knob on the bill. Young birds are dull buff below and on the face and neck, with dull brown upperparts, top of the head and eyestripe."; $breed_tips = "The Comb Duck breeds in still freshwater swamps and lakes in the tropics and nests mainly in tree holes, also in tall grasses. They line their nests with reeds, grass, or feathers, but not down"; $purpose = ""; $classification = ""; $origin = "Africa, Asia, South America"; $egg_color = "Yellowish White"; $egg_numbers = "7-15"; include "template_duck_breeds.php"; ?>