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UK"; $aka = ""; $history = "The only purely British breed makes the Dorking Chickens possibly the oldest pure breed lineage. A Roman writer described birds with five toes of the Dorking Chicken type at the time of the invasion by Julius Caesar. The Dorking Chicken was detailed by Columella, a Roman writer, before the breed was popular in England. Columella spoke of large, broad-breasted hens that were sqaure framed with large heads and has small upright combs. He also stated that the purer breeds were five clawed. The combs are still allowed in two forms the rose and the single. Historically the rose combs were northern as were the Redcaps; Hamburghs etc. and the single combs were southern. They featured in the first Poultry show in 1845 and were used to create the Light Sussex and Faverolles as well as other breeds, they were used to produce excellent table birds."; $characteristics = ""; $breed_tips = ""; $purpose = "Dual"; $classification = "Heavy / Soft feather / Rare"; $origin = "Great Britain"; $egg_color = "Tinted"; $egg_numbers = "140 per annum"; include "template_chicken_breeds.php"; ?>