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UK"; $aka = ""; $history = "Houdan Chicken is an old French breed that was known as the Normandy fowl when first imported into England in 1850. It takes its present name from the town of Houdan, located in a section of France where large numbers of Houdan chickens were bred and raised in past years for the Paris and London markets.

In shape, Houdan Chickens, resembles the Dorking, to which it probably owes its fifth toe. Crevecoeurs and Polish may also have been used in the original crosses. The Houdan is rated highly in France for its fine meat qualities as is the Bresse and its large white eggs. A fictional story 'The Seventh Pullet' was written about them by the author Saki.

The White Houdan originated in American, the result of crossing White Polish with Mottled Houdans."; $characteristics = ""; $breed_tips = "This is a general purpose, non-sitting fowl."; $purpose = "Dual"; $classification = "Light / Rare"; $origin = ""; $egg_color = "White"; $egg_numbers = "160 per annum"; include "template_chicken_breeds.php"; ?>