· The Domestic Waterfowl Club of Great Britain
· The British Waterfowl Association"; $aka = ""; $history = ""; $characteristics = "A modern breed originally from Wales that was bred for both its meat and its egg production. They are the hardest breed to breed a show quality bird. They are good broodies and quite long lived.

Main defects are that the colouring is virtually impossible to get to the Show Standards ie a high number of rejects including pure whites (originally a separate breed Stanbridge Whites) and that the bill discolours with age making it possibly one of the few breeeds that shows when it is not a 'point of lay'."; $breed_tips = ""; $purpose = "Dual / Exhibition"; $classification = ""; $origin = "Wales"; $egg_color = ""; $egg_numbers = ""; include "template_duck_breeds.php"; ?>