· The Domestic Waterfowl Club of Great Britain
· The British Waterfowl Association"; $aka = "Mergellus albellus"; $history = "The living species is believed to have existed for about 2 to 1.5 million years, as attested to by fossils from the earliest Pleistocene found in England."; $characteristics = "The drake Smew, with its 'cracked ice' appearance, is unmistakable, and looks very black-and-white in flight. The females and immature males are grey birds with chestnut foreheads and crowns. They are often known as 'redhead' Smew. It has oval white wing-patches in flight. The Smew's bill has a hooked tip and serrated edges, which help it catch fish when it dives for them."; $breed_tips = ""; $purpose = ""; $classification = ""; $origin = "Europe"; $egg_color = ""; $egg_numbers = ""; include "template_duck_breeds.php"; ?>