There are quite a few benefits to raising chickens for yourself. Probably the most appreciated and convenient gain would be harvesting your own eggs. Eggs are easily one of the most common staples in the everyday kitchen. Whether it be using them for cooking, baking or even games and certain holidays. Also, chickens raised in your own back yard yield tastier eggs with more nurtients, than farm/factory raised eggs. Furthermore, saving money is always a much welcomed habit to possess, and harvesting your own eggs everyday, would be a great way to do so. You could even go as far as making a little profit by selling your extra eggs to your neighbors. Consumers are always looking for the freshest groceries and you can not beat straight out of the coop.

Another great benefit would be to harvest your own chickens. Although it may take a little more effort, the money you save on your grocery bill would be well worth the job. Fortunately, if you are not able to handle the chore yourself or just do not have the time, there are meat processors that can do the job for you for cheaper than you might think. Since this is the case, if choosing the processor route, you will still come out on top when it comes to saving money.

Thirdly, if you are looking to make some financial gain from raising your own chickens, you can choose to hatch baby chicks and sell them. Hatching chicks is a suprisingly easy process, that on average, takes about twenty one days. As long as you have at least one rooster per dozen hens and some laying boxes built off of the ground, nature will usually take its course. Of course, nature is unpredicatable, so some of the eggs may spoil in the end. So if you want to be sure to get more chicks at a time all you would need is an incubator, which can be found at your local co-op or feed store. Of course, if buying one is out of reach, making an incubator would be just as simple and effective.

Another convenient benefit would be the fact that your chickens droppings can be used as a natural fertilizer for any garden. Not needing to buy fertilizer from the store is, again, a great way to save money. Beware, though, you only want to use a small amout at a time, because chicken droppings are very potent.

Finally, raising free range chickens are actually an effective way to reduce the insect population. Chickens are constantly feeding all day, thus helping eliminate unwanted garden and landscaping pests, such as grub worms, ants and many others.

Chickens can easily be a profitable and money saving part of any average-working person’s life. Knowing all the benefits and rewards of raising your own chickens helps to make financial gain well within your reach.