OverEZ Medium Chicken Coop

Main features:

  • 7 easy assembly steps
  • Assembly time is roughly only 30 mins – with 2 people
  • Has two long roosting bars at two different heights [great if you have different breeds]
  • Locking handles on all doors
  • An automatic closing door can be added

This coop is very sturdy but is the most expensive of my picks – for a reason – because you get what you pay for with this as its design is nearly flawless. They actually featured on Shark Tank if this coop looks familiar!

The design of this chicken coop is just drop dead cute. Everything single person who buys this will love it. But its not just its looks that make this such a must have chicken coop, its the design features too.

First up lets start with the roof – it slopes forward.


To keep the rain water flowing away from the nesting boxes, meaning no water can get in there, resulting in dry eggs and bedding all year round. BIG TICK.

Second point on the roof is, the inner roof is coated silver to help keep it cool in the summer, great if you live in a hot climate. But the beauty of this is it works both ways and it will retain heat during the cold winter months. So this coop is great if you live in either a hot or cold climate.

OverEz chicken coop ceiling

The final point of the roof is that its one full roof cap, meaning no loose material to repair, no damage by the sun and no predators trying to remove a tile to gain access. The Amish trained chicken coop designers have really hit the ball out of the park with this one, honestly.


Two well positioned vents on each gable end allow good ventilation but also air flow to pass through and out the coop. The vents are away from the roosting bars too meaning when your hens are asleep they won’t be in a draft and catch cold.

This is well thought out and VERY often over looked with other chicken coops. Remember back to high school physics class heat flows from hot to cold. Meaning the vents will carry both colder air in to cool the coop in the summer and remove any build up of moisture during the winter months. Chickens are prone to respiratory diseases and chicken poop has high levels of ammonia so having adequate vents for the size and number of chickens in any coop is vital.

Roost Bars & Nest Boxes

The width is 52 ½ inches, so minus the wood on either side and I’d say it has, but the manufacturer doesn’t state, about 52 inches of roosting space per bar. With two bars that’s over 100 inches of roosting space means 10 chickens should be just fine in there.

Overez chicken coop roost bars

I’m always slightly skeptical of manufactures claims as they can, lets be honest, exaggerated sometimes. With OverEZ you have no issues, they say 10 chickens and having ran the math – I agree.

The nesting boxes are on the other side to the roost bars, meaning they won’t get pooped in! Trust me this is a big bonus. There are 3 nesting boxes which is ample for 10 chickens. Big myth that you need one nesting box per chicken – you don’t! The reason being, they don’t all lay at the same time. 3 is plenty in a coop this size.

Whilst I think of it we need to talk about hinges. There are good hinges on the coop all round, this is important as these are normally the first things to break on coops. What happens is rain water combined with using rubbish cheap screws is a cocktail for the hinges (and handles for that matter) to simply pull off.

Slight con

Remember I said I ‘nearly’ flawless. If you plan to open the window on the coop you’ll need some chicken wire or mesh behind it.

Why? Because otherwise birds insects or rodents could get in. Bringing disease or stealing food and water from your chickens.

Last feature I really like is this coop is raised off the floor. Great for 3 reasons:

  1. It provides shade underneath for the chickens on hot days
  2. It helps keep the coop warmer during the winter months
  3. Means rodents/ vermin cant dig underneath and live there!

………….Currently have 10 chickens but may want more in the future….(owning chickens is addictive!)


OverEZ Large perfect for upto 15 chickens

  • 35-40 mins to build – with 2 people
  • Just need a screw gun, screws are already started for you!
  • Easy to fit an automatic door and they sell one specifically for the model.
  • Easy to hang a heater in if you live in a very cold climate


Best Plastic Chicken Coop for 10 Chickens

Omlet Eglu Cube

This ‘new’ design of chicken coops has a funky design and being plastic, is maintenance free. Plastic is super easy to clean and lasts a really really long time.

It comes with lots of additional after market features like a fitted thermal blanket to place over the top of the coop when its really cold. Although the coop is ‘double walled’ and so very well insulated, I this fact it has extras like the blanket. I think they are well built and very practical.

Would work really well if you had Silkies, Rhode Island Reds, Brahmas, Black or Polish chickens.

Now its advertised as ‘upto 10 chickens’ so if you have some very large chickens, say Jersey Giants, check the measurements before you purchase.

The main features for the Omlet chicken coop for 10 chickens are:

  • Plastic & 100% recyclable 🙂
  • Can be bought as just a coop or with the coop and run.
  • Different run sizes available including a ‘walk in’.
  • Amazing for Bantams!
  • 10 year warranty!

Not sold on a plastic chicken coop – you really should be – here’s why!

Completely maintenance free, seriously, there is zero sanding, varnishing or painting to do ever. Whilst this is great for all non DIY lovers it also means the longevity will be 10X what you would get from a standard wooden coop.

To go a step further this means you are getting more bang for your buck and saving money in the long term, we ran through so many coops (costing us a fortune) before settling on a this type of coop and we haven’t looked back.

10 year warranty – yes you read that right this coop, (see manufacturers website here for details) has a HUGE warranty. No one else has a warranty that long, this means that they really stand behind the product and that is worth something in this day and age!

They actually have a 180 day ‘no quibble’ money back policy, so even if you buy it and then after a couple months realize that you don’t like it…money back no questions asked. Now that’s BOLD!

Really cool, modern award winning design that looks super unique. Best looking chicken coop on the market hands down. Like the OverEz coop its been designed to perfection.

Omlet Eglu Coop and walk in

Biggest selling point for us, wasn’t the longevity and robustness of the coop – it was actually the easy cleaning!

When I say easy cleaning – I mean SUPER easy cleaning. You can literally pull out the litter tray, wipe if down and replace in seconds. To clean the whole coop takes just seconds, but being plastic, if you want to give it a deep clean you could, pressure hose the coop down and have it dry again in under 3 minutes.

You can check the whole range here directly www.omlet.us

Budget Friendly Chicken Coops For 10 Chickens

Try Amazon for some coops under 1000 bucks.