What Specifically is a Chicken Tractor?

Omlet Eglu Cube

Ok….technically…it’s a moveable coop with wheels but it’s commonly referred to as *just* any movable chicken coop that is used to house and protect chickens while allowing them to forage and graze on fresh grass and insects. Chicken tractors are typically small and lightweight (but not always) structures that can be easily moved around a yard or pasture to provide fresh forage for the chickens and to prevent overgrazing in any one area. Large scale commercial free range farms can use chicken tractors that are towable by machinery.

Best Small Chicken Tractor (for up to 4 chickens)

eglu go up portable chicken coop

  • Up to 4 medium chickens (but more Bantams)
  • Award winning trendy tractor design available in 2 modern colors 
  • Pull out chicken litter tray 
  • Fully plastic for easy wipe down cleaning
  • Available with 6ft or 9ft run with ‘anti-dig’ skirt
  • Super easy to move

Available directly www.omlet.us


Best Large Chicken Tractor (for up to 10 chickens)

chicken tractor

  • Up to 6 large breed hens (8 medium size hens or up to 10 bantams)
  • Award winning design available in 2 cool colors
  • Over 17,000 genuine 5 star verified reviews
  • Pull out and wipe down droppings tray
  • 2 year warranty & 180 day money back guarantee – seriously!
  • Comes with 6ft, 9ft or 12ft run. Which is toughened galvanized steel but in a lovely powder coated green.
  • Runs have anti-dig skirt feature to stop predators from digging under
  • Automatic coop door

Available directly www.omlet.us

Portable Chicken Tractor Design and Benefits

mobile chicken coop

The design of a chicken tractor can vary, but it typically consists of a wooden frame covered with chicken wire to protect the birds from predators. The bottom of the tractor is open to allow the chickens to access fresh grass and insects, and a small sheltered area is provided for roosting and egg-laying. The best chicken tractors have wheels to make them easy to move, while others can be lifted and carried.

One of the main benefits of using a chicken tractor is that it allows chickens to forage for their own food. This can help to reduce feed costs and provide a healthier diet for the birds. In addition, the regular movement of the tractor can help to spread chicken manure evenly over the pasture, which can help to fertilize the soil and improve grass growth. 

chicken tractor run

Or in other words…no more huge brown patches in your backyard!

Chicken tractors are also a great option for small-scale or backyard chicken keepers who want to raise chickens without the expense and commitment of building a permanent coop. They are relatively easy to build or purchase and can be a fun and rewarding way to keep a small flock of chickens for fresh eggs and meat.


Large Chicken Tractor & Walk-in Chicken Run (Hybrid Option)

Omlet Eglu Coop and walk in

A must have option if you want to still be able to move the coop and run around your backyard BUT can afford to give your chicks a little more space. It’s like a semi, but safe, free range option where they get all the space they want without the worry from predators. 


Plastic Chicken Tractors – Why You Need One!

cleaning chicken coop

Let me talk you through the benefits of buying a plastic chicken coop.

  1. Wood rots – Plastic obviously doesn’t have this problem, so in terms of longevity, it will outlast any wooden chicken coop by a factor of 10x. Wooden coops will end up costing you more…so be smart from the start!
  2. Cleaning – if this point does not sway you nothing will! It is so easy to clean out a plastic chicken coop. It’s so easy when we do a deep cleans we can pressure hose it down in seconds and it’s back dry in minutes. Even regular cleans are simple, pull out the dropping tray, empty it, wipe down if required and replace.
  3. Predator proof – wooden siding on cheap, poorly manufactured wooden chicken coops can be ripped clean off by predators. If this has ever happened to you and you’ve lost your whole flock, you’ll know how devastating it is. Made even worse if you have children. No predators can gain access to the Omlet coops; there are no weak points to claw at so nothing is getting in. Add in the fact that the runs are made of super strong toughened galvanized steel with the anti-dig skirt around the bottom and it’s a recipe for a healthy, happy flock of chickens. And remember happy chickens lay more eggs!
  4. The dreaded Red-Mite. Red mites are SUCH a pain to remove from wooden coops. Of course all lice are a pain but red mite particularly because they hide in the cracks found in wood. So if you’ve been paying attention you know what I’m going to say next….with a plastic chicken tractor you will have none of these issues.
  5. No maintenance is required – EVER. A bold claim but its completely true, no sanding, no painting, no re-roofing the Omlet design truly is a breath of fresh air.

omlet ventilation

Eglu Omlet Cube Tractor Wheels

The Benefits of a Chicken Tractor

There are several benefits of a chicken tractor over a traditional chicken coop. A chicken tractor allows the chickens to have access to fresh grass and insects, which can drastically improve their diet and health…and therefore your eggs! In contrast, chickens kept in a traditional coop may only have access to a limited amount of food and may become bored and unhealthy.

Secondly, a chicken tractor can be moved around to different areas of the yard or pasture. This allows the chickens to forage in fresh areas while preventing overgrazing in any one area. This can help to improve the quality of the soil and grass in the area. Think of chickens as walking grass fertilizers!

Thirdly, chicken tractors are often smaller and more lightweight than traditional chicken coops, making them easier to move and clean. This can be beneficial for chicken keepers who may not have alot of space or who want to keep their chickens in a specific area.

Finally, chicken tractors can be a more cost-effective option than traditional chicken coops. They can be built from inexpensive materials or purchased pre-made for a relatively low cost, and they do not require the same level of maintenance or upkeep as a larger, more permanent coop.

A chicken tractor is a great option for backyard chicken keepers to provide their birds with a healthier and more natural living environment. It also helps reduce costs and minimizing their impact on the surrounding area.


A-Frame Chicken Tractors

A-frame chicken coops are a popular choice for backyard chicken keepers due to their unique design and numerous benefits. The A-frame shape provides several advantages, including increased stability and a sloping roof that allows rain and snow to run off easily. This design also provides better ventilation and natural light, which can improve the health and comfort of the chickens. Remember happy chickens lay more eggs!

In terms of security, A-frame chicken coops can be designed with doors and locks to protect the birds from predators, such as raccoons, foxes, and hawks. The raised coop area also helps to keep the chickens safe from ground-dwelling predators, such as snakes and rodents. Aside from being able to move it round any backyard to fresh grass, the security element to a-frame chicken tractors is what sold us on getting one.

A-frame chicken coops are also durable and can be constructed from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and PVC. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for many years and provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the chickens. 

You literally can’t beat plastic chicken tractors in terms of security, being maintenance free and longevity vs a wooden coop.

Overall, A-frame chicken coops are a great choice for backyard chicken keepers who want a durable, secure, and comfortable home for their flock. 


Chicken Tractor Plans

Looking for plans for a chicken tractor?

You’re in luck. I’ve scrolled the whole internet and found some links to awesome DIY chicken tractors:











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