How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could cut wood…

Or more to the point: is it better to buy an axe and get busy or split logs with an electric log splitter?

Well, the best method, if you are physically able, is to do both. Use the electric log splitter to split the large ‘rounds’ down into 2 or even 3. 

Then use an axe to cut these down again into the perfect size to burn.

If you are not able to swing an axe like a lumberjack then skip the first part and jump straight to the electric log splitting part. Question answered.

New question – what is the best electric log splitter and why?


Best [5 Ton] Electric Log Splitter (under $350)


  • Split logs up to 10″ in Diameter and 20″ Long
  • 5-Ton Splitting Force
  • 1500W Electric Motor
  • 5 year warranty
  • Under $350


Power: The 1500-watt 15-amp Motor and 5-ton rated hydraulic system of the log splitter easily splits logs up to 10″ in diameter and 20″ in length. This machine, known for its incredible power and versatility, enhances wood splitting tasks, making them more enjoyable and less time-consuming.

Components: The log splitter boasts precision pump gears and copper motor windings, ensuring a constant splitting force. With this reliability, users can confidently tackle their wood pile with sustained power.

Portability: Its lightweight design allows for easy transportation from one site to another. Equipped with sturdy transport wheels, the log splitter offers smooth maneuverability. The rubber-coated legs also serve as transport handles, enabling users to roll the unit without strain or difficulty.

Usability: This electric log splitter operates without gas or exhaust, providing a hassle-free experience. Users don’t need to pull start an engine or endure the noise and fumes associated with a gas splitter. Simply plug the unit into a standard 120V outlet, and it is ready to split logs.

Warranty: The 5-ton Log Splitter, like all Earthquake powered equipment, comes with a performance guarantee backed by a US-based customer support staff and a 5-year limited warranty.


Best [7 Ton] Electric Log Splitter 

So this log splitter has an increased splitting ability with an extra 2 ton of power, compared to the log splitter above. But it does have similar space capabilities:

Log capacity – 20.5″ in length and 10″ in diameter.

So why is it a recommendation if it handles the same size logs? Good question, simple answer: firstly it’s around the same price, so why not.

For the same price you are getting the same machine with a better [7t] splitting capability. 

But it also means, by having that extra power, you reduce strain on the hydraulics. To it simply…it will split logs much easier. 

The idea being if you split logs easier and get less strain on the machine whilst doing it, you will achieve better longevity. Better longevity means less replacement parts and a longer life meaning more bang for your buck!


Best [10 Ton] Electric Log Splitter 

After 6.5-7t you need to jump upto 10t. The reason being, unfortunately nearly all of the 9 ton electric log splitters are useless with awful reviews, like the YardMax and the Powerhouse.

Reviews report pumps breaking after only 10 hrs of use etc and that’s horrific, so best to stay away. I guess the saying still rings true “you get what you pay for” or my favorite “but cheap and you’ll buy twice”.

The downside of this means you are talking around 1000 bucks for something truly worth buying. But it’s not money for nothing and paying more means you get more, much more:


  • 2 way splitter – this saves so much time and effort! It’s now literally twice as fast to cut logs.
  • The most powerful log splitter in its class
  • Easily splits through hardwoods such as Oak, Birch, Elm, Ash, Beech etc
  • 2.5hp electric motor
  • Operate with just one hand
  • 1 gallon hydraulic tank with fluid included 

There is one ‘drawback’…this bad boy is kind of heavy. It has wheels so it’s really simple to drag around but, as you would expect with a really robust log splitter, it is on the heavier side. 


Are electric log splitters worth the money?

Electric log splitters are worth the money for several reasons. Firstly, they offer a cleaner and more convenient alternative to gas-powered splitters. With no exhaust emissions or need for gasoline, they are environmentally friendly and easier to operate. 

Secondly, electric log splitters are generally more affordable upfront and require less maintenance compared to their gas counterparts. No gas, no filter changing, no spark plug issues etc…

Additionally, they offer consistent power and reliable performance, thanks to their dependable motors and hydraulic systems. Moreover, electric log splitters are often lighter and more portable, allowing for easier transportation and maneuverability. 

Overall, their efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness make electric log splitters a worthwhile investment for homeowners and professionals alike.


How well do electric log splitters work?

Electric log splitters work exceptionally well. With powerful motors and hydraulic systems, they effortlessly handle logs of different sizes. Most splitters provide consistent and reliable splitting force, ensuring efficient operation. 

Electric log splitters are user-friendly, with easy start-up, quiet operation, and minimal maintenance. Their effectiveness, convenience, and ease of use make them highly efficient tools for wood splitting.

You can also use them inside whereas you can’t use a gas splitter indoors due to the noise but mainly the fumes.