German Langshan Chickens

German Langshan Chickens

German Langshan Chicken

German Langshan Chicken


Breed Club Secretary

David Lawrence
Thie Glionney
Agneash, Lonan, Isle of Man
01624 861128




The first import ofGerman Langshan Chickenswas made by Major Croad from various Asiatic stock. In 1904 a Croad Langshan Club was formed to develop the bird and now differs from the Modern or German Langshan. The German were imported into Germany from England in 1879 where they were selected for the clean legged form. They had black Minorca added for egg capacity and this altered their form to a more upright stance. The Black Langshan originated in Northern China, where it has been bred over a long period of years.


German Langshan Chickens are dual purpose fowls of the Asiatic Class and are smaller than the Brahma and Cochin and more active. The male develops a well-spread tail with the sickles often reaching sixteen or seventeen inches. The closely-fitting saddle feathers, full hackled neck and upright carriage give the effect of a short back. The surface plumage throughout is close and smooth. The body in both sexes should be evenly balanced on straight legs, with very little backward bend at the hocks. The height of the Langshan should be gained by depth of body not from what may be described as stiltiness of legs.

Available in Black, Blue, White, Cuckoo and Birchen in Europe.

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Heavy / Rare



Egg Color

Brown to brownish yellow

Egg Numbers

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