Our goats are soooo fussy! 


The second the feed or hay touches the ground they lose interest and leave it, crying out for more. That feed on the ground goes to waste (costing us money) it also attracts wild birds and other less savory creatures…so basically to conclude its a nightmare.


You want my advice after 6 years of keeping 9 goats: 


Invest in a good, solid goat feeder and FYI – it does not have an expensive one. From this you get happier goats, less wasted food ($) and it won’t attract other creatures to vacuum up the leftovers, bringing with them a truckload of issues from worms to diseases. 


Buy something metal, like this (below) it will last forever, your goats will be happy, it’s a win-win all round.


….sure I have made feeders in the past, lumber was cheaper then (and metal was too thinking about it) but nowadays with the costs being more than just buying something it doesn’t make much sense. Plus to work and weld metal is lengthy (im saying this as the owner of 2 welders too) and not for everyone. 


There are caveats ofcourse, perhaps like me you enjoy this kind of work, I have to admit it can be very rewarding (I made our last chicken coop and whilst the materials cost me more in total than if I just bought a premade coop…I enjoyed the process). 


BUT when i’m short on time, which on a farm is always and the financials dont add up, I hit the store or jump online and grab me what I need…


Best Goat Hay Feeder

So this is an excellent example of a simple but awesome feeder, but I’ll run though why this is the best one in particular now:



Ok, first up it’s made with galvanized steel meaning, it will last forever PLUS it won’t rust. So that’s a double yes. This thing will outlive us all seriously, meaning you’re getting the best bang for your buck.



Next up, how good would it be if it took hours to put together and it was all wonky and useless…the answer is…not very good. So with this hay feeder you can put it together with just 4 bolts. So total build time <5 mins. 


Dimensions on this feeder, or the dimensions that matter are that it’s 4 feet wide and 38 inches high.


4ft wide of course means it was built to hold a bay of hay. That shouldn’t come as any surprise given its a goat hay feeder!! So it’s great for easy feeding, just chuck a bale in the top and leave them to it. 


High wise it is perfect for both small and large goats. Any small goats can get to the bottom of feed and the larger ones will eat towards the top. So it’s great if you have, like we do, goats of various sizes. 


I mean if you want it higher or lower just sit it on something, like say a pallet, and if you want it lower just push the legs in the mud if it’s on soft ground. 


The metal at the ends ensures animal ‘fair play’ and that no one can pull a bale out the feeder from the sides. 



Lastly why this style of feeder is best for goats is it has the ‘table’ underneath the hay rack. This works well for two reasons. It catches falling hay and means it doesn’t get lost on the floor and not eaten. 


But you can also put goat feed on the table too, like for instance if you feed your goats pellets this is the perfect way to distribute that and again ensure it doesn’t all end up on the floor and wasted. 


Small Hay Feeder for Goats

If you only have one goat or perhaps two then a simple gate, fence or rail hung feeder like this works well. 

  • Fully galvanized so it will last for decades and it won’t rust.
  • Same system as the bigger goat feeders, load it up and goats can hay through the bars.
  • Catch tray on the bottom, as the name suggests to catch any falling hay.
  • Can use a mix of hay and feed 


Goat Feeder (for upto 9 Goats)

More goats means more fun! But at meal times things can get tricky and even a bit too lively, getting a robust goat feeder will make your life so much easier.

This style of goat feeder has all these great benefits:


  • Built for 55 gallon of grass and 22 gallon shredded grass (or grain)
  • Deep dish feeder @ 6.3 inches
  • Really easy to move so great if you move feeders between pens or even fields.
  • Galvanized steel means amazing longevity and a rust free life 
  • 10 minute assembly. 


Goat Creep Feeders

Why you really, really need one, in my honest opinion:


Improved nutrition: Goat creep feeders provide a controlled and separate feeding area for young goats, ensuring they receive a nutritionally balanced diet. This helps support their growth and development during the critical early stages.


Health and immunity: Young goats require specific nutrients for optimal immune system function. Goat creep feeders allow for the provision of specialized feed formulated with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins, bolstering their overall health and immunity.


Early weaning: Goat creep feeders facilitate early weaning by encouraging young goats to transition from milk to solid food. This aids in reducing the stress on the mother and allows her to regain condition faster for future breeding.


Efficient weight gain: With access to creep feeders, young goats can consume feed at their own pace, resulting in improved weight gain. This ensures they reach market weight faster or are ready for breeding at the appropriate age.


Reduced competition: Older goats or other livestock often compete with young goats for food, limiting their access to essential nutrients. Goat creep feeders provide a secluded feeding space that restricts entry to young goats only, eliminating competition and ensuring each individual gets adequate nutrition.


Behavior and socialization: Goat creep feeders encourage positive feeding behavior and socialization among young goats. By creating a separate feeding area, it allows them to develop good eating habits and interact with their peers in a stress-free environment.


Convenience and ease of management: Using a goat creep feeder simplifies the feeding process and allows for efficient monitoring of individual feed intake. It also reduces wastage and minimizes the risk of contamination from adult goat droppings or other external factors.


Long-term savings: Investing in a goat creep feeder may initially incur some costs, but the long-term benefits outweigh the expenses. The improved growth rate, reduced health issues, and efficient feed utilization can lead to overall cost savings and increased profitability in goat farming operations.

Which Goat Creep Feeder is Best?

Has to be a ‘Tarter Gate Co.’ creep feeder. Tarter you have probably heard of, it’s a rock solid American made brand (built out of KY) with bags of history in all things farming. 

There is nothing these guys and gals can’t make in metal but as the name suggests gates and feeders is their bread and butter.