New Hampshire Red Chicken


New Hampshire Red


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New Hampshire Red Club
Mrs Chris Compton
Devonia, Weston Lane, Micheldever
Winchester,Hampshire, SO21 3AH




New Hampshires developed over a period of years beginning around 1915 from a foundation of Rhode Island Reds, first brought into New Hampshire from Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. culminating in 1935 with shows. There are no records of outside blood being introduced and the breed was developed by farm poultrymen of New Hampshire by continual selection of breeding stock for early maturity, large brown shelled eggs, quick feathering, strength and vigor during its evolution.


Weights. Cock 3.85kgs(8 1/2lbs), Hen 2.95kgs(6 1/2lbs), Cockerel 3.40kgs(7 1/2lbs) Pullet 2.50kgs(5 1/2lbs) Plumage, Brilliant reddish-bay to chestnut red, tail feathers are black edged in medium red. Under colour light salmon but a smoky tinge is not a fault. Females should have neck hackles edged in black, Eyes bay. comb, face, wattles, ear lobes bright red. Legs and toes rich yellow. Males have a line of reddish pigment down sides of shanks. Females may lose leg colour when in lay. Beak reddish brown. They are friendly and placid , but are not good broodies. Bantams are replica of large birds. Weights, Male 980g(34oz) Female 737g(26oz).

Breed Tips





Heavy Soft Feather


America, New Hampshire

Egg Color

Brown / Tinted

Egg Numbers

120 per annum