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Welcome to Poultry Pages. Our aim is to provide you with all the resources you need to raise and care for poultry whether it is a community project, in your backyard or on your small holding. We offer advice and assistance on Raising Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Turkey

We provide details of all types of poultry and eggs you can expect. Together with the equipment and supplies you will need.

Poultry Breeds

Poultry pages is packed full of details on hundreds of different types of poultry. This is categorised into Chicken, Duck, Goose and Turkey Breeds. Within these sections you will find the history of the breed, their common characteristics, tips on raising them, their primary purpose and classification. We also provide details of the club secretary if appropriate together with their origin, egg color and how many to eggs to expect per year.

Poultry Facts

We also provide a large number of facts for your poultry. For example what is a Bantam, how to breed pairs and trio’s. Feeding, how certain types of poultry will react if provoked.

Disease Information

Poultry pages are aware of a number of diseases that could effect your poultry and provide details of the signs to look out for together with details of some of the required vaccines.

Vermin information

Vermin can devastate to your flock. We provide you with information on how to control Badgers, Ferrets, Minks, Dogs, Foxes, Rats and Mice.


Finally we offer information on incubators and how long the incubation periods are for your chickens, ducks or geese.

Any Comments

criticism accepted as well as ideas for improvement. Any photographs always gratefully received.

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