Rosecomb Bantams

Rosecomb Bantams

Rosecomb Chicken

Rosecomb Chicken


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Mr P. Grey
Gilbrae Head, Newcastleton, Roxburghshire, Scotland




It is a true bantam with no large fowl counterpart. Early pictures describe ‘small chickens from Java’ that look very like Rosecombs so it is likely that they derived from judicious crossing of these birds. They have been used in the make up of many other bantam breeds.

Historical thought is that the first Rosecombs descended from the earliest bantams origin of the breed being attributed to breeds dating further than most books. It has been claimed to originate in England,. Breeders have claimed such diverse areas as Java, Holland, Africa and Hamburg, although this is claerly is impossible as the birds pre-date the city. In America the breed was referred to as African bantams. Documents show they were entitled as in the First Boston Show of 1849. This continued until 1904 where both white and black Rosecombs were shown at St. Louis World Fair as Africans.

Earliest documents on the breed date back to 1483 where a man named John Buckton who owned the Angel Inn in Grantham raised black Rosecomb bantams he inherited the birds (from his father) indicating that the breed must have been in existence prior to 1483. The birds were described as having prominent combs and white lobes, two of the important characteristics of the breed. Documents said that King Richard the Third, who retained rooms at the Inn, aquired some birds making them popular with English gentry.



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True bantam


Great Britain

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White or cream

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