Best Rolling (‘Rollable’)  Chicken Coops

Omlet Eglu Cube rolling chicken coop with wheels

Omlet Range of Rollable Chicken Coops and Runs

Completely worth the money in our opinion, this whole range of coops and runs (with several run variations) is a game changer. They are really well designed and made, important as we have hot summers and cold winters plus we get predators across our farm too. Also the runs are made from a heavy galvanized steel which is powder coated to give it a lovely stylish finish.

Now ill be honest I prefer to make stuff in our farm workshop, infact nearly all our coops are ‘farm-made’ but for the money you cant beat plastic nowadays, seriously, im converted for good now.

Here’s why:

Its SUPER easy to clean! Literally takes seconds to slide out the dropping tray, wipe down and replace. Infact the whole coop can be wiped down (try doing that with wood!) or if you want to do a deep spring clean you can pressure hose it off and have it dry again in minutes.

eglu coop rear

ZERO maintenance – yup! No sanding, no re-roofing, no painting (you have to be careful if you paint anything around chickens, its not recommended as they suffer easily from respirator issues) nothing to do, other than sit back and enjoy the fresh eggs.

COMPLETLY predator proof. No siding or gaps like with wooden coops to pull at or rip into, meaning no predators can gain access. Which you’ll know; if you’ve ever had happen, is heart breaking – especially for kids.

AWESOME chicken runs. They come with the best run set-ups in the business because they include a skirt that surrounds the chicken run, flat to the floor, that prevents anything being able to dig under. Infact they call it an anti-dig skirt. Interestingly, and this is what we have just done, you can combine a rolling coop with a walk-in chicken run. This is a knock out combo as it means you get all safety AND space of a walk-in run whilst still being able to roll the whole coop run to fresh grass.

omlet chicken wire vs standard chicken wire

WHEELS – well its not going to roll well and be a rolling coop without wheels! Really well designed again, you simply step down on each side, which hitches up the wheels and off you go. The great thing is it can be rolled with one person as its super light weight. That’s nearly impossible with wooden rolling coops.

eglu go up portable chicken coop


Shop the whole rolling Omlet Chicken Coops and Runs range here:

What is the chicken coop that moves around?

A rolling chicken coop, also known as a mobile chicken coop or chicken tractor, is a type of coop that allows you to move your chickens around your property easily. We found instantly we had gained numerous benefits to having a rolling chicken coop, including:

  • Healthier Chickens: With a rolling chicken coop, your chickens can graze on fresh grass and forage for bugs and other insects. This natural diet can improve their overall health, resulting in better egg production. (This isn’t ‘b.s’ either, as we found this out when we had to lock our chickens ‘in’ during the avian flu scare. Afterwards we started to roll the coop around the yard again and our egg production went up and our hens were noticeably happier).


  • Pest Control: Chickens are natural pest control agents. They eat insects, ticks, and other pests that can harm your garden or crops. A rolling chicken coop can help you move your chickens to different areas of your property to manage pest problems.


  • Fertilizer: Chicken manure is an excellent fertilizer for your garden or crops. With a rolling chicken coop, you can move your chickens to different areas of your property to fertilize the soil naturally. And they the time you come to roll the coop back to the same spot all that natural fertilizer has worked it way into the soil and the grass is back better than ever. It’s a very very sustainable way to keep chickens.


  • Cost Savings: A rolling chicken coop can save you money on feed and fertilizer costs. By allowing your chickens to forage and graze, you can reduce their feed intake and use their manure as fertilizer. This is especially true if you have hen breeds that love to forage. We cut our feed bill by a 1/3rd even during the winter months then we give them more corn by rolling our coop around more.


  • Convenience: A rolling chicken coop is easy to move around your property, making it convenient for you to manage your chickens. You can move the coop closer to your house for easy access or farther away to manage pest problems or fertilize different areas of your property. Because what I didnt like, which we actually made worse when we bought goats, was areas of the yard would be brown and boggy and the grass never grew back there. Even though they had a acre to ‘play around’ in we had these awful patches which looked really bad. A rolling coop eliminated this for us.

So to summarize if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your chickens and improve their health AND stop the wet brown patches on the lawn, then a rolling chicken coop is the perfect solution!

Should a chicken coop be moveable?

One point I should have mentioned above was the actual reason we actually bought our first plastic rolling coop….

It was because we got the dreaded red mite. We’ve had it before and we knew how much of a pain it was to fully eradicate mites from our flock of hens so when we got it a second time we decided we had to take some serious action.

Doing some research I found out why plastic coops are so fantastic and its because mites like to hide in the cracks and nooks of wood. This means that even though you may have fully eradicated mites from your hens they are still there lurking in your coop!  The benefit then of a plastic coop is that there are no places for mites to hide. 

This is such a huge benefit because once you have eradicated the mites from your chickens and pressure washed the coop – they are gone for good. It also means you’re hugely less likely to get mites in the first place. This is the main reason why we haven’t gone back to wooden coops and in fact why we never will. 

Point #2

The second point I want to talk about is how to roll a tractor coop around your yard….because whilst this might sound simple I got it really wrong at first for these reasons!  

What I was doing was moving the coop and run each day to a gorgeous green fresh patch of grass…now this probably makes sense, right?

However chickens love a dust bath, especially in the summer! It’s how they keep clean.  So instead of moving the coop and run to the best patch of green grass I could find, I now move it so that the run has just a little bit of access to some dirt as well as all the fresh grass and grubs, so the hens can bathe to their heart’s content! 

Rolling Chicken Coop Summary

A rolling chicken coop allows chickens to roam freely and forage for natural food sources, resulting in a healthier diet high in protein and essential nutrients. This natural diet can improve the chickens’ overall health, making them less likely to develop diseases or parasites. Chickens in a rolling chicken coop are also less stressed, which can reduce aggression and improve egg quality.

By providing a natural habitat, a rollable chicken coop can lead to better egg production and a more sustainable lifestyle. Overall, a rolling chicken coop provides a healthier natural and more engaging environment for chickens, leading to better egg production.

Ooo one more thing – ‘lonegvity‘!

These coops will outlast other chicken coops by like a factor of 10:1! The simple reason is that wood rots…no amount of sanding, painting and varnish will stop this. The benefit then is plastic doesn’t! So you’ll save a fortune, especially if like us, you’ve already been though a few coops.

And if you still aren’t sure you there is a 2 year warranty (which no other coop manufacturer has EVER offered to my knowledge) AND a 180 day money back guarantee even if you just aren’t satisfied. Pretty neat!

Have a look here for yourself