There are a number of different Belgian Chickens

D’Anvers are clean legged true bantams with no large version.

D’Uccles are feathered legged.

De Grubbe and D’Everberg are rumpless versions of the D’Anvers and D’Uccles.

Barbu Du Watermael are crested, bearded clean legged and more placid than other varieties.

Mille Fleur Booted were introduced in this country in 1911 from Germany where they were popular, being known under the name of Gold Porcelaines. They were also popular in Belgium and England. The name Mille Fleur (Thousand Flowers) was adopted as the colour description for the most common colour.

Breed Tips

Belgian Chickens are good broodies with many colour variants originating as the name implies in Belgium.


True bantam



Egg Color


Egg Production

120 per annum